Causes & Cures

Food becomes a problem if you spend too much time on (not) food. This can have various causes. For instance:

  • You feel insecure about what you look like, you think you are too fat or ugly.
  • You want others to see you or you want to belong. You will then eat less to lose weight.
  • You occasionally eat a lot to comfort yourself. You can feel tense and unhappy because of this.
  • You are afraid of the consequences of eating certain foods. For example, you are afraid of suffocating or vomiting.

If this continues for a longer period of time, then you have a food problem.

Symptoms of an Eating Problem?

You become more and more afraid of arriving, You are increasingly busy with food, You find yourself fat, while you have a normal weight for your height and age or even do not weigh enough, and Food has a lot of negative influence on your social life.

Is a Food Problem Bad?

What consequences can an eating disorder have? You often feel cold. You look pale. You quickly feel dizzy or just faint. Your nails tear easily. Your hair falls out. You are less able to go to the toilet because your intestines are blocked. You get heart, stomach and / or kidney problems.

Treatment of an Eating Problem

For the treatment of an eating problem you can go to the general practice and a psychologist. The treatment depends on the type and severity of your eating problem. In the case of a serious eating disorder ( anorexia , eating disorder , ARFID ) your doctor will refer you to a pediatrician.

If the doctor suspects that you have an eating problem, he will examine you. He asks you questions and does a physical examination. He also looks at your height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate. Maybe he also checks your blood and urine.

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