At EDSN we think that people can contribute actively in the improvement of their own health and in the prevention of illnesses from the knowledge. For that reason we put to their reach medical information of quality, contrasted by authorities of the field of the medicine and the pharmacy, elaborated with objectivity and scientific rigor by a journalistic team specialized in health. EDSN is aimed at all those people who care about their health and well-being, whether they are patients suffering from a disease (or relatives and friends who wish to help them), people who experience a vital change (anorexia, eating disorders, pregnancy, diet, menopause, etc.) or simply healthy people who want to take care of themselves and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

We offer rigorous information on supplements and current issues related to diet, sport and physical exercise, beauty and skin, physical and emotional well-being, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, baby care, child development, occupational health and other areas related to health.

Please think of us as your all around healthy advisor.