Revealed: protein bars - THIS is the truth!

The first thing you need to know is that many brands have different serving sizes. For instance, a small packet of Protein Wipes comes in two pieces that come out to be 5 pieces each. That's only about 1/4 of a serving size. If you are going to make a meal, you may be limited on how many servings you want. A single serving of a protein bar usually comes out to be about 4 servings. There are many companies who make different protein bars. Here are some brands and their serving sizes:

There are other brands that sell more than one size. For instance, in the USA there are 4 different Protein Bars with the name "Protein Bar" and "Protein" on them. These are called "Fusion Bars" What makes these brands better? These brands are made up of proteins and ingredients that are the same. They are designed to be mixed in small doses and then have a long shelf life. These bars are very convenient for people who eat multiple servings of protein. What does this mean? These brands are easy to carry and they have a wide variety of flavors. There are 4 main brands: Pinnacle, Pinnacle Natural, Probar, and Super Natural.

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