Healthy Vegetarian Smoothies That Are Delicious

There is nothing better than starting the morning with a delicious and nutritious shake or green juice that will give you enough energy to face the day and, above all, will help you meet the daily standard of fruit and vegetable consumption. Green shakes provide a lot of fibre, which helps to lower cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood. They also help you lose weight by keeping you full longer. All the nutrients and minerals you consume with a shake cleanse the body of stored toxins and strengthen the immune system.

Why Drink Vegetarian Smoothies

Green shakes are a great solution not only for vegans and vegetarians, but also for people trying to eat healthier, increase their energy and save time at the same time. The preparation is very simple and requires no effort – you just need to place all the ingredients in the mixer or blender and press the button. You can even save more time by making enough for several meals throughout the day by storing the shakes in a glass jar with an airtight lid.

There are an infinite number of ingredient combinations, however, all green shakes are usually very nutritious and full of vitamins and energy. You can make a light, low-calorie shake, ideal for adding extra vitamins and nutrients to your diet, or a more complete shake that can replace a meal.

Start with a liquid base that can be water, coconut water or vegetable milk (soy, oat, almond, cashew, hemp, Brazil nut, hazelnut – all options are delicious). Then add several pieces of fruit that in addition to flavor give texture to your shake, for example, bananas and mangoes make smoother, creamier shakes. Then add the wonderful superfoods: green leafy vegetables, green chlorella or spirulina powder, linseed, chia seed, raw cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, etc. If you want a cold shake, add ice or use frozen fruit. The options are endless and these are just some of them.

Order is important

  1. To make the milkshake appetizing it is important to follow the order in which we must introduce the ingredients into the mixer.
  2. Pour half of the liquid selected for the recipe (water, vegatal milk, green tea, etc.).
  3. Add the vegetable protein powder if you decide to use it. The protein helps thicken the shake and create a creamy mixture. Adding it just after the liquid will mix and dilute much easier.
  4. Add the superfoods. Choose any superfood from the list (maca, cocoa, coconut butter, chia seeds, acai berries, goji berries, raw almond butter, flax seeds, etc.). Sweeteners, such as stevia, can also be added in this step.
  5. Add green leafy vegetables. It is best not to place the leaves near the blades, where they may not grind well.
  6. Add the fruit and chopped vegetables.
  7. Add ice cubes or almond or frozen coconut milk to keep your shake fresh.
  8. Add the remaining liquid.
  9. Grind the ingredients starting at a low speed and gradually increase it.

This is all you need to know to prepare some great green shakes for you to eat without gaining weight.