Healthy Vegetarian Smoothies That Are Delicious

Are you curious about some multi-mineral & vitamin formula recipes? Then you are on the right page! Below you will find the Top 5 smoothies that are good for something specific. Often you already have the ingredients at home and they are easy to make. I would say try it out because smoothies are a nice addition to your day.

Did you drink too much the night before? Then you should definitely try this smoothie. It helps well against a severe hangover. A delicious combination of carrot, apple, watermelon, orange, grapefruit, beetroot and Koo leaves. Healthy, tasty and effective!

Against the cold and flu
Are you starting to get a little bit of a starting cold? Then this is your smoothie. This smoothie helps against colds and flu. In addition, it is a real detox smoothie that cleans your body well. You definitely need this if you have the flu. It is a delicious combination of lemon, garlic, ginger, horseradish, apple, pear and honey.

Against headache
Banging headache? A problem that we all suffer from. Try this simple smoothie. It is a delicious combination of cabbage leaves, broccoli, alfalfa sprouts, apple, carrot and strawberries. Healthy, tasty and effective!

For a good digestion
Our digestion can sometimes not be as it should be. Give your digestion a boost with this simple smoothie! It is a delicious combination of papaya, banana, hemp seeds, ginger and cinnamon.

For focus and concentration?
An important work meeting or a test at school? This smoothie provides better focus and concentration. It is a delicious combination of tahini, spirulina, apple, lecithin granules and water.